John Cena responds to former rival Dwayne Johnson’s toothbrush threat

John Cena has fired back at a comical threat made by his former wrestling rival Dwayne Johnson.

Rampage star Dwayne made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday night (03Apr18) and shared that while he and John used to have “real problems with each other” in the wrestling ring, now that they’ve both transitioned to Hollywood, they are “best friends” and added, “(Tell him) just DJ wants to remind you, if he ever acts up, I will knock his teeth so far down his throat that he’ll stick a toothbrush up his a*s to brush them.”

On Wednesday evening, John appeared on the late-night talk show to promote his movie Blockers, and kicked off the chat by humorously sending a message to Dwayne.

“Listen up, Dwayne Johnson. If you think you’re making threats to me by threatening (me with a toothbrush), pal, and by pal, I totally mean my best friend, watch Blockers and then watch it again, because if you think putting a toothbrush up my butt is a threat, I’ve got news for you, there’s been a funnel up there, there’s been a parking cone… there’s more traffic in that region than a Monday on the 405,” he said angrily, referring to a scene in his latest movie.

“I’m not gonna take this lying down… Your threat to me, is (that) you wanna clean my butt? O.K., pal, you got the job, but if I was you I’d bring a body suit and latex gloves because down there it’s like a Mississippi cornfield at downpour, it’s just all mud and vegetation, pal.”

Dwayne’s Rampage is due to hit cinemas from 11 April while John’s Blockers opens this week.


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